The Friday 5 series results

 Welcome to the 2007 Friday 5 Series.

To qualify for a series medal you must complete 4 of the 5 races. Hopefully the format will be self explanatory but if you need it explaining any deeper please contact me through the Pacers web site.  Each race is allocated 500 points for first place 499 for second and so on. The points are then awarded to the teams 1st 5 men and 1st 5 women and added together for a total. The men and women are then sub divided and each are awarded 500 for first etc to discover the overall champions. Each age group is then awarded 100 points etc as this makes for a closer event.

Hopefully by the time we get to Great Bentley we should all know where we stand and who we need to beat to move up the rankings.

Enjoy your racing.

Male Age Categories

Female Age Categories